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The MEET catalogue fosters authentic and active exchange between visitors, local people and Protected Areas, resulting in conservation of natural and cultural resources and revitalization of less developed communities.

On these unique trips, you will discover the four MEET Values:

Connection: We help to inspire meaningful connections with the people, places and culture of the region

Compassion: We engage with and strive to understand visitors, each other, and the region’s biodiversity and heritage

Conservation: Conservation is at the heart of what we do: the long-term sustainability of people and places is fundamental to the brand experience.

Community: We embrace the concept of collective impact and the cooperative relationship between Protected Areas and their local communities

Here you will find all our familiarisation tours offered from September – November 2015, as well as test tours for the coming and previous seasons of 2015. Click on any of them for more information and useful tips on the MEET experience in Mediterranean protected areas.

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Ichkeul: The Sanctuary for Migratory Waterbirds – TEST TOUR

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When: 14-19 February 2016
Where: Ichkeul National Park
Hihglights: Ichkeul National Park
enjoy this unique Tunsian birdwatching tour with wonderful local experiences, bringing together like-minded people who have skills and enjoy to share

Tunisia Otherwise (TEST TOUR)

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When: 19-23 February 2016
Where: Ichekeul & Boukornine National Park
Highlights: Discover the historical monuments, pristine coastline and traditions and customs of northern Tunisia. Explore the lands and the rich fauna and flora of two National Parks while mingling with the local population thanks to your ecotourism savvy guide

Wadi Rum Jordan – TEST TOUR

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When: 6th-10th November 2015
Where: Wadi Rum Protected Area
Hike and ride camels through a landscape of stone, sand and narrow canyons, characterised by an ever-changing palette of ochre, pinks and reds. Etch magical moments forever in your memory.

Majjistral Nature & History Park, Malta (TEST TOUR)

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When: 5th-10th October 2015
Where: Il Majjistral Nature & History Park, Malta
Highlights: Retrace 20,000 years of history that shaped nature and culture on the inspiring Mediterranean island of Malta. Engage in a myriad of hands on activity on 3 different islands, Malta, Gozo and Comino, that will bring you closer to nature and get you to contribute to the conservation of protected areas that are home to various endemic species found only in the Maltese Islands. Camp throughout the 7 day journey and explore nature with the least possible environmental impact through horse-riding, cycling, trekking and explore the sea surrounding the islands onboard traditional fishing boats and its rich marine life through guided snorkelling tours.

The Undiscovered French Riviera

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When: 4th-8th October 2015
Where: Port-Cros Natural Park, France
Highlights: Forget everything you know about the French Riviera. Reach for adventure and discover rich biodiversity each day as you cycle, hike, and kayak your way through Port Cros National Park. Chat with locals over fresh tapenade and a glass of rosé and learn about the region’s culinary traditions. This 5-day trip through the Mediterranean’s oldest marine park in Europe will refresh all your senses.

Crete – From Mountains to the Sea: Trail of the Gods

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When: 2-7th October 2015
Where: Samaria National Park, Greece
Highlights: Trek the White Mountains, playground of the Greek Gods, and the Samaria Gorge with unique species of plants and animals found nowhere else in the world. Swim in the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean Sea, taste and learn about traditional Cretan cuisine, emerging from the depths of time. Experience the adventure that Samaria National Park has to offer while contributing to it long-term conservation over this 6 day trip.

Arts & Artisans: Natural and cultural landscapes that inspired Salvador Dalí

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When: 17th-23rd October 2015
Where: Aiguamolls, Cap de Creus and Montgri, Medes islands Natural Parks
Highlights: Explore the geographic formations of Cap de Creus, the biodiversity of Aiguamolls and the striking cliffs of Medes Islands and Montgrí. Visit a local fish market and find out about the catch of the day. Over this 8-day journey, you will taste, touch, and hear the true spirit of Northern Spain and understand why it was such an inspiration to local artist Salvador Dalí.

Discover the Unspoiled West Coast of Sardinia

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When: 29th September - 4th October 2015
Where: Sinis Marine Protected Area, Italy
Highlights: Sail across turquoise waters and cycle past ancient cultural sites. Be enchanted by Sardinia on this 6-day adventure in the South of Italy. Learn about the conservation activities of the Sinis Marine Protected Area, from coastal dunes to unique lagoon ecosystems, and enjoy Sardinian gastronomy with locals.

Along Roman Roads through Ancient Olive Groves on the South-East Coast of Italy

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When: 19-22nd October 2015
Where: Dune Costiere Regional Park, Italy
Highlights: Trek past thousand-year-old olive groves through Dune Costiere Park, one of the Mediterranean’s few community-managed protected areas. Learn historic farming traditions from local farmers and sleep in beautiful 16th century “Masseria farmhouses”. This easy 4-day cycle-trekking adventure will till take you along one of the best-preserved Roman roads that connected Rome with the coast.

Wet ‘n’ Wild Jordan

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When: 27th-31st October 2015
Where: Mujib and Ajloun Biosphere Reserves
Highlights: Discover a land steeped in history and overflowing with natural wonders. Experience the green, lush highlands of Ajloun Reserve and the depths of the Wadi Mujib Gorge. Adventure awaits on this 5 day trip as you swim in the Dead Sea, hike the water trails of the red desert and meet with Bedouin communities to learn about their role in conserving Jordan’s natural and cultural resources.

Spirit of the Jordanian Desert

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When: 23th-26th October 2015
Where: Dana Biosphere Reserve
Highlights: Indulge in the quiet solitude of the Jordanian desert, marvel at the deep, expansive valleys and high breathtaking cliffs, and experience the true welcoming spirit of the Bedouins. This 3-day hike through Jordan’s largest reserve will introduce you to hundreds of rarely seen endemic plants and wildlife, as you learn about the stories and secrets of the local Bedouin way of life, all protected in this sacred land.

Central Italy’s undiscovered beauty

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When: 12th-16th October 2015
Where: Monte Rufeno Nature Reserve, Italy
Highlights: Discover Italy’s true heart, nestled amongst the hills between Rome and Florence. Follow the weaving footpaths through fairytale-like woods to encounter breathtaking views of medieval villages and learn about stars, flowers and the diversity of life amidst rural countryside and organic farms. On this 5-day tour through Monte Rufeno Nature Reserve you will encounter the Italy read about in novels, steeped in culture, history, traditional food and warm hospitality.

The Untouched Heart of the Greek islands

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When: 26th-31st October 2015
Where: Regional Marine Park of Northern Karpathos
Highlights: Prepare for the unexpected in one of the last unspoiled islands of the Aegean sea. Tucked away in the southeastern corner of the Aegean Sea far from mass tourism and large hotels, explore the true heart of the Greek Islands on this 6-day adventure. Trek along scenic coastal paths before submerging yourself in crystal waters. Travel respectfully and help contribute to the conservation of Karpathos Marine Protected Area.

Cedars to Sea: The ancient Phoenician playground

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When: 20-26 September 2015
Where: Shouf & Tyre Coast Nature Reserve
Highlights: Discover southern Lebanon’s rich heritage and beauty as you learn about traditional life and entice your senses with delicious food, unique nature, and historical tales. Over the course of 7 days, you will forge unforgettable memories in this land once inhabited by the ancient Phoenicians. From the oldest cedar forests in history to the sandy beaches of Tyre Coast Nature Reserve.

Hike Up a Gourmet Appetite in Cevennes National Park

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When: 12th - 16th October 2015
Where: Cevennes National Park, France
Highlights: Immerse yourself in the French countryside by hiking the terrain of the Cevennes National Park and discovering its gastronomic delights. Weave through a rare patchwork of Mediterranean ecosystems, learn about the lifestyle of local people and enjoy regional French cuisine, all the while supporting the conservation of this World Heritage Site.

Lebanese Myths, Forests & Adventure

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When: Tuesday 20th - Monday 26th October 2015
Where: Jabal Moussa, Tannourine and Ehden Nature & Biosphere Reserves
Highlights: Trek through Jabal Moussa, once home to Adonis, god of beauty and desire. Learn Syriac language skills from Maronite monks and become enchanted by local stories in the protected forests of Tannourine and Ehden. On this 7-day journey, you will roam through northern Lebanon’s mythical landscapes, uncovering a mosaic of history, culture and village life worth protecting.

Lebanon North

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When: 23-29th June 2015
Where: Jabal Moussa, Tannourine and Ehden Nature & Biosphere Reserves
Highlights: Discover the cedars and faces of Phonecia in Northern Lebanon

MEET Wild Animals between Sea & Mountains

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When: 22nd-25th June 2015
Where: Mercantour National Park, France
Highlights: Search for European megafauna between the mountains and sea

Gourmet Cevennes

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When: 17th-20th June 2015
Where: Cevennes National Park, France
Highlights: Discover the unique historical cultural and natural identity of the territory, while being spoiled by the regions best gourmet chefs.

Majjistral Nature & History Park, Malta

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When: 13th - 16th June 2015
Where: Il Majjistral Nature & History Park, Malta
Highlights: Retrace 20,000 years of history that have shaped nature and culture on the inspiring Mediterranean Island of Malta in an active 4-day journey.

Taste of the Seasons

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When: 4th - 7th June 2015
Where: Appennino Lucano National Park, Italy
Highlights: Surround yourself in natural beauty while enjoying the perfect combination of typical food and wine, traditions, heritage and historical monuments

The untouched heart of the Greek islands

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We sincerely appreciate your participation on this test tour. Please enjoy your visit to the Regional Marine Park of Northern Karpathos, Saria and Astakidonision and use this page as a guide and reference […]

Hike the hidden Italy, cooking with flowers!

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When: 25th-30th May 2015
Where: Monte Rufeno Nature Reserve, Italy
Highlights: Sense the perfumes and colors of nature, wandering from medieval towns to beautiful forests in an unspoiled land between Rome and Florence.

Jordan Eco Trail

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When: 17th-24th May 2015
Where: Jordan Eco Trail
Highlights: Where history, nature & eco adventure meet

Costas & Cucinas in an Apulian protected area

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When: 12th-15th May 2015
Where: Dune Costiere Regional Park, Italy
Highlights: "Costas & Cucinas in an Apulian protected area" is an easy four-day walk across Dune Costiere, one of the Mediterranean‘s few community-managed protected areas

Explore the unspoiled west coast of Sardinia

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When: 27th-30th June 2015
Where: Sinis Marine Protected Area, Italy
Highlights: Explore the unspoiled west coast of the Island of Sardinia.

Arts & Artisans – Natural and cultural landscapes that inspired Salvador Dalí

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When: 11th-17th May 2015
Where: Catalonia, Spain
Highlights: The geology of Cap de Creus, the biodiversity of Aiguamolls, and the cliffs of the Medes Islands and Montgrí.

A Snorkel in the mountain

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When: 5th-10th May 2015
Where: Samaria National Park, Greece
Highlights: Meet the Cretans! Discover the unspoiled and unique nature of the White Mountains and Samaria National park.

Cedars and Faces of Phoenicia

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When: 28th April-4th May 2015
Where: Al Shouf and Tyre, Lebannon
Highlights: Visit two of the most impressive natural reserves in the land of the ancient Phoenicians.

Tasting the seaside of Provence at Port-Cros National Park

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When: 10th-14th April 2015
Where: Port-Cros Natural Park, France
Highlights: Visit the oldest marine park in the Mediterranean Sea and enjoy a unique experience.